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We Specialize In All Types of Flat Roofing, Built-Up, Modified Bitumen & Single-Ply...

We understand that your roofing job is unique in terms of your needs, both structurally and financially. Whether discussing emergency situations, annual budgets, or long term return on investment for your facility, we'll provide an accurate assessment of the roofing construction-condition for a roof type to suit your operational and financial needs.

We Are Roof Design Professionals...

We specialize in built-up/tar & gravel & modified bitumen (multi-ply) roofing systems. We can provide systems that last twenty plus years with system warranties that cover labor & materials for the same twenty years. In addition, we can build in slope into existing flat roofs and offer custom designed energy efficient insulation systems.

We apply Energy Star rated coating systems, shingles, concrete/clay tile, slate, stone coated metal panels, standing seam metal panels, exposed fastener metal panels and have factory trained technicians for repairing all types of roofing systems.

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Licensed & Insured. Certified Roofing Contractor CCC041328
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Tom Tanenbaum was licensed in 1977 as a Roofing Contractor and Certified as a State Roofing Contractor in 1987 (#CCC041328). The Company was incorporated in 1988. We are a locally owned and operated company with all own employees. Our company is solvent with a modern facility and fleet of trucks and equipment!

When natural disasters strike again, we will continue to put the needs of our existing customers first instead of pursuing new business. We are proud of our service department and their problem-solving abilities. 
We carry Worker’s Compensation and Liability insurance.

As an expert contractor in the roofing industry for over 30 years we are dedicated to pin-pointing problems, proposing cost effective solutions, and providing systems that will protect your building/home interior.

We are proud of our history of social responsibility and action. We have 2 past presidents of the local Roofing Trade Association (CFRSA), as well as prior and a current Executive Board member at the State level (FRSA)

We have a long history of participating in Habitat for Humanity and Fuller Center For Housing building efforts. We have participated in disaster relief missions to Louisiana and the Gulf Coast areas and several other states, as well as foreign countries through the United Methodist Church and others. We serve as the central warehouse for the local Methodist Disaster Relief and the Fuller Center for housing.

We feel strongly that we must balance commercial purpose with contributing our gifts and talents to improving the lives of those in need. We are grateful to God for our success, and do our best to "pay-it-Forward"!

Answers To FAQ's

"To obtain the best roofing system possible...

the designer, building owner and contractor should understand the dynamics of the roof as well as the roofing system when specifying either APP or SBS modified roofs."

  • q-iconAre Tar and Gravel Roofs still used in Florida?

    Florida building code #1507.10 attests to the acceptance of tar and gravel roofs. The reason BUR systems have been used for over 100 years is because it’s a good system, not because it’s old.

  • q-iconCan I install a roofing system different from that which was originally designed?

    Yes, as long as the product is approved and installed according to the building code. That said, TPO and Modified Bitumen are not allowed for flat roofs.

  • q-iconWhat criteria should be used to select the best company to install my roof?

    • Years of experience? • Licensed and Insured? • Factory certified? If not, the factory warranty will not be valid • References? • Supplier references? Do they pay their bills? Otherwise, the supplier can file a lien on the property

  • q-iconWhat happens if I get a roof not originally designed for my building?

    Since your roof protects the integrity of your structure and all of its contents it is important to have a properly designed roofing system for your building that will properly drain and keep the 90 + inches of rain a year out of your structure. All Roofing products must be approved by the Florida product approval system and be installed according to the current Florida building code.

  • q-iconAre you the lowest priced?

    No. Because your roof protects both the structure and contents of your building, we refuse to take short cuts. Our objective is to protect your investment. As a result, we make sure that ALL licensing and insurances are up to date. We are very involved in the Florida building code process, this way we stay apprised of all new and upcoming code changes. Our philosophy is that “your integrity will always be remembered longer than your prosperity”.

  • q-iconWhy do roofs in Florida not last as long as roofs up north?

    Ultra Violet exposure is the main reason for the shorter life span of roofs in Florida. UV Rays tend to cure the asphalt quicker. This causes the oils to leach out, accelerating the aging process, causing the roof to turn brittle. When this occurs the roof becomes more susceptible to blowing off.

q-iconHow do I choose the right roofing system?

The architect, specifier, building owner and roofing contractor should examine the following parameters when choosing a roofing system: • What is the building’s type and usage? • What building code requirements apply to the system? • What is the estimated service life of the roof system? What type of maintenance will be required to maximize the service life of the roof system? • What kind of roof deck will be used (type, size, slope)? • How much is the roof deck expected to move relative to the roof perimeter? Shrinkage of the deck material? Moisture content of the deck? • Access for equipment on the roof?

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Licensed & Insured. Certified Roofing Contractor CCC041328
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